Not My Style is an app that tells you how much your favourite fashion brands share about how they treat the women and men who make our clothes.

Clothes are getting drastically cheaper, and the number of styles on shop floors is dramatically increasing. It’s called Fast Fashion. The system is reliant on our clothes being made overseas by more than 40 million garment workers. Most of these garment workers are women in developing countries.

How do we know they’re being treated as we would hope? We want fashion brands to reassure us.

Information on who makes our clothes and their working conditions remains elusive, even for the savviest consumer. Brands say that consumers don't care enough to push them to disclose their data, but consumers can't access the data easily, even if they try.

Not My Style is here to change that. With your help, we will create a consumer movement that pushes brands to be more transparent about their supply chains, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of the women and men who make our clothes.

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The App

We called on you to donate your hard earned pennies to help us bring Not My Style to life, and did you deliver! We exceeded our Kickstarter goal (thank you again!) and have been working around the clock to get Not My Style out of our heads and into your phones.

We’ve built the app to be simple, stylish and give you the information you want so you can make shopping decision that match your values. We’ve rated over 100 high street brands based on how much they share about the people who make our clothes on their websites (See our ratings here). It’s designed to be used in the moment, while you’re out and about, and is fully integrated with social media so you share a brand’s rating with friends, or tweet the brand directly.

We’re just in London at the moment, but will shortly be rolling out across the UK.

Our Ratings

Not My Style’s ratings are there to help you make informed decisions about where you shop. We have rated over 100 UK high street stores on their consumer facing transparency. See our ratings here.

We assessed each brand’s website using 22 key indicators that reflect how much information they disclose on their websites about the working conditions of the people that make their clothes. We put a big focus on if they share the details of the factories that make their clothes, if they pay their garment workers a living wage and if they share the findings of their factory audits.

Each brand has been given one of three ratings – SHOP, THINK or STOP. The ratings are relative which means brands are compared to each other using the same criteria. Brands that receive the SHOP rating are seen to be disclosing the most information about their supply chain, whereas brands that receive a STOP rating are disclosing the least amount of information for us to assess. As time goes by, we want to see brands moving up the Not My Style rating scale from STOP to THINK to SHOP. We have reached out to all the brands we rated to encourage them to let us know when they make more information available.

What are you waiting for? Check out our ratings now!

Get Involved

Do you believe in what we’re trying to do? We’d love your support. Not My Style is reliant on the generosity of people like you to achieve its mission. We are a non-profit social enterprise where 100% of all donations go to fund our development and future expansion plans (read: world domination). Donate here.

A huge part of our success to date has been built on the skills and bigheartedness of our supporters. You’ve made introductions, given expert advice and helped us reach our goals with a business acumen and impact mindset. This is just the start, if you want lend your expertise to us on this journey, we’d love to hear from you.

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